Fellowship with us as we engage in a fun "Family Feud Style Battle" between congregation families.  This two night event is a fundraiser to raise funds to beautify the sanctuary. 

Sanctuary Seating

The seating will be upgraded from the pews to a more modern chair, which will allow the sanctuary to accommodate more worshipers prior to going to a second service.

Sanctuary Stage Upgrade

The sanctuary stage will be upgraded to a more modern look which will enhance the worship experience especially for Praise & Worship.

Sanctuary Carpet Upgrade

The Sanctuary Carpet will be replaced due to the wear and tear that currently exists prior to the installation of the new sanctuary chairs.

FOTS Welcome Center 

The Welcome Center will become a destination where general information will be gathered or distributed.

Annual Bragging Rights for Top Team

The Top Team will retain bragging rights for a year as the winner.

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